Apple iPad Air 3 Repair Service

Here is iRepairDr Apple iPad Air 3 repair services. If you are local to us in Citrus County Florida or if you are mailing in your device for a repair we will get you up and running fast. If you are local or sending your baby in to have it professionally repaired our tech's can get you in and out and in most cases in 30 min or less. The repairs listed below are estimates on prices. Prices do vary daily on the cost of parts, and the only accurate quote is by contacting us here.

Apple iPad Air 3 Cracked Glass / Broken LCD repair.

Do you have a cracked glass or LCD screen on your Apple iPad Air 3? Then this may help you get back to using your device again. 

Parts and Labor: $call +tax

Other problem not listed? Drop up a email.

*Prices subject to change please contact for most accurate price

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