LG G3 Cracked Glass LCD repair.

Do you have a cracked glass or LCD screen on your LG G3? Does your screen still work without touch? Then this may help you get back to using your LG again. LG G3 front LCD Digitizer Combo.

Total cost 119.99 +tax

LG G3 Screen Repair Services

Here you will find iRepairDr LG repair services for your G3 needs. If you are local to us in Lecanto Florida or if you are mailing in your device for a repair. We have the training and knowledge to get your cellphone back up and running again. If you are local or sending your baby in to have it professionally repaired by our tech's we can get you in and out in 30 min or less. Some repairs are a bit easier then others so it is just a estimate. If you have any questions please feel free to contact us. All of our parts are OEM LG quality parts.


Wednesday Nov 21st 11-3

Thursday and Friday 22nd & 23rd Closed for thanksgiving